Dales Trail Quiz

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Here's the answers to the Dales Trail Quiz, how did you get on?

Question Answer
(1) In Arkle Town at the old filling station, how many old pumps are there? Four
(2) In Langthwaite, what can ewemunch on at the Red Lion? Baaa…r snacks
(3) Inside the church at Langthwaite, who was vicar number 4? John Tinkler 1868 - 1891
(4) At the CB Inn, what animal can be found on the oak furniture? A mouse
(5) How high is the Tan Hill Inn? 1732ft ASL
(6) In Keld, what is the date on the Keld Methodist Chapel? 1841
(7) In Thwaite, find the house where Cherry and Richard Kearton lived; what are the initials and dates above the door? RK 1862, CK 1871
(8) In Muker, how many "Through" stones are on the top of Ravensghyll barn conversion? 13
(9) In Muker, find the Church of St Mary the Virgin and take a look at the east window, what is Jesus holding? A lamb
(10) In Gunnerside, when was the bridge built? 1911
(11) In Low Row at the Church of Holy Trinity, what is the diameter of The Mears Bell? 13 Inches
(12) In Low Row, the date on The Punch Bowl is 1638 but what are the initials? RW
(13) In Grinton Church, which saint is depicted on one of the stained glass windows? St George
(14) In Grinton, what is sitting on the Bridge Inn roof? A sheep
(15) In Fremington, what are the sculptures at the Dales Bike Centre? Mountain biker and occasionally a Meerkat

Courtesy of Leni Hatcher and the National Trust's Outdoor Nation Project