Reeth Trail Quiz

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Here's the answers to the Reeth Trail Quiz, how did you get on?

Question Answer
1. Who officially opened the workshops at The Reeth Dales Centre? William Hague
2. At the Reeth Dales Centre, Who is the metal artist? Michael Kucz
3. At Scenicview Gallery what kind of art is available? Photography
4. On High Row where is ‘Swaledale Ice Cream made? The Gift Shop
5. At The Kings Arms what is the date above the door? 1734
6. On High Row what sign is upside down? The Black Bull
7. In Quaker Close what is not allowed on the paved and ramped areas? Skateboarding
8. When was The Doctor’s Surgery built? 1990
9. In Anvil Square what building houses the exhibition area? Hudson House
10. Near The Doctor’s Surgery what kind of bird lives in Back Lane? A Crow
11. At The Garden House Shop what kind of cheese can you buy? Damson Cheese
12. Where is everything available at Fat Sheep made? The Yorkshire Dales
13. Near The War Memorial who loved the Dale? Robin and Vera Inglis
14. At The Copper Kettle what is hanging above the door? A copper kettle
15. What was The Burgoyne Hotel used as in WWII? The Recce Battle School
16. Near The Burgoyne Hotel, where is Reeth Parliament held? The bus shelter
17. How many fuel nozzels are there on Reeth Garage forecourt? Four
18. How many en-suite rooms are available at The Buck Hotel? Ten


Courtesy of Leni Hatcher and the National Trust's Outdoor Nation Project